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Tent Size / Rental Fees

How to Determine Tent Size

Cocktail Parties (Stand Up)5 to 6 sq.ft. per person
Cocktail Parties (Some Seated)8 sq. ft. per person
Seated Dinner (Using Banquet Tables)8 sq. ft. per person
Cathedral Seating (Seating in Rows)6 sq. Ft. per person

Rental Fees

10 x 10 Frame Tent (4 outside poles)*$150.00
15 x 15 Frame Tent (4 outside poles)*$200.00
20 x 20 Frame Tent (8 outside poles)*$300.00
20 x 30 Frame Tent (10 outside poles)*$375.00
20 x 40 Frame Tent (12 outside poles)*$475.00
30 x 30 Frame Tent ( 8 outside poles)*$1000.00
30 x 40 Frame Tent (10 outside poles)*$1250.00
30 x 60 Frame Tent ( 14 outside poles)*$1600.00
30 x 30 Tent Liner$400.00
30 x 40 Tent Liner$500.00
30 x 60 Tent Liner$600.00
20 ft Globe Lights$30.00
40 ft Garden Lights$30.00
Crystal Chandelier$150.00
Outdoor Patio Lights (40ft)$30.00
30 inch x 6 ft. Lifetime Tables$7.00
30 inch x 8ft. Lifetime Tables$7.00
30 inch x 8ft. wood tables for food$8.00
Low Top Tables 30 inch round x 30 inch ht$7.00
High Top Tables 30 inch round x 40 inch ht$8.00
60 inch round wood Tables$8.00
60 inch round Lifetime Tables$8.00
48 inch round table$7.00
36 inch round table$7.00
Whiskey Barrel Bar / Table$100.00
Whiskey Barrel Cocktail Table$40.00
Farm Table 40 inch x 96 inch$45.00
Wedding white plastic folding chairs$1.45
Black plastic folding chairs$1.45
Wedding white resin folding chairs w/pads$2.75
Black metal bar stools$6.00
Wedding Sheers*$17.50 per pole
Cathedral Sides1.00 per ft
Solid Sides.75 per ft
Indoor Dance Floor$1.00 per sq ft + $100.00 setup
Outdoor Dance Floor$1.00 per sq ft + $100.00 setup
Subfloor for outdoor dance floor$1.00 per sq ft
(Black and / or White) 4 ft bar$45.00
42 inch Fan$25.00
Air Conditioner (Port o Cool)$100.00
Patio Heater w/propane$75.00
Pipe and Drape with weights per pole$32.00
48 inch "LOVE" Marquee sign$350.00